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I have kept a record of the experience I have gained using various cameras and lenses. I also keep a Photography Blog and a Motorbike Blog.

My niche photography interest is street photography and I currently use a Fujifilm X100S Compact Camera.

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Knockhill Racing Circuit - Scotland


Street Photography Purism in Photography Henri Cartier-Bresson
The Purist Street Photographer Photographers My Blog
Film Images Black & White Photography Living with Film
Film + The Darkroom Photographic Art Post Processing
'Optimum' Image Quality Definition of a Professional Camera Lee Filters Explained
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My Camera Diaries & Lenses

My Photographic Equipment Panasonic GF1 (Diary) Panasonic G6 Camera Review
Fuji X100s Camera (Diary) Sony Alpha A57 SLT Camera (Diary) Trek Walking Monopod
Canon 5D MK I DSLR Camera 35mm 'Full Frame' Photography Nikon FM3a 'Film' SLR
Crosstour CT9900 Action Camera Sony Xperia 5 III Smartphone -------------

Miscellaneous Cameras + Associated Lenses

Panasonic TZ100 Compact Panasonic LX100 Compact Panasonic G7 MFT Camera
Fujifilm X-T1 Camera Fujifilm X-T2 Camera Panasonic LX100 II Compact
Sony Xperia 1 III Smartphone GoPro Hero 9 Action Camera -------------

Miscellaneous Articles

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The Dragon Project

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The American Wild West Umarex Colt 7.5" Peacemaker Air Weapons
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COVID-19 Virus Wildlife Pets Rat & Squirrel Wars




I receive no remunerations from any third party mentioned herein. However if my articles or links has assisted you in any way - please consider donating a or a $ to the -  Sick Kids Friends Foundation  



Richard Lawrence
United Kingdom