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Trek Tech manufactures the ultimate walking stick that converts not only into a monopod but also a tripod.

I regularly use the TrekPod Pro as a walking stick and use it as a support for my Canon 5D Mk1 DSLR. It's robust, very easy to extend and very versatile! This is the ideal monopod/tripod for travel as it breaks down into a travel case and can be carried on a plane or placed in your luggage.

The carbon fiber TrekPod XL is the most versatile tool available for the active photographer. A monopod that triples as a tripod and a hiking staff, it enables you to get shots never before possible. Lightweight, rugged carbon fiber weighs only 22.5 oz. with ball head. Includes the innovative quick change MagMount PRO ball head which supports 13.5 lbs. of camera or gear, and includes the patent pending MagMount system for one hand mounting an demounting of your equipment. Anti-rotation and light force MagAdapters, plus Allen wrench, included. Fully adjustable from 39 62.5 as a monopod or tripod. Breaks down to fit in carry-on luggage, comes complete with sturdy travel case.

TrekPod Go! PRO is Trek-Tech's premier monopod/tripod/hiking staff multi-tool which has many new features most requested by our customers, including the ability to pack into its included travel case and fit in a carry-on bag. It also telescopes 4" shorter than the TrekPod II in the monopod/hiking staff mode, has "soft touch" rubber locking nuts, and features new
MagMount PRO quick release ball head system. TrekPod Go! PRO includes one light force (silver) MagAdapter and one heavy force MagAdapter STAR with 3mm hex wrench, and travel case.

TrekPod II has most of the functionality of the TrekPod Go! PRO & XL, but has been engineered for a cost savings of over 50%. The cost savings were achieved by keeping with the original TrekPod design which doesn't break down as far as the TrekPod Go! TrekPod II is finished in a dark anthracite gray color instead of the TrekPod Go!'s satin black. The TrekPod II includes our
MagMount mini ball head and quick-release system. This unique quick release system incorporates a rare earth "super magnet" as the initial connection between the ball head and a steel adaptor that screws into the bottom of a camera or other optical devices. A safety clip that stores below the ball head securely locks your device to the MagMount ball head.

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