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Confederate Railroad

Over the years I have listened to country music but I have never been a big fan.

However, one of my friends introduced me to Confederate Railroad and I really liked their music.

Its not the only music that I like but its certainly become a big favourite.
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Lately, there has been a lot of hassle for the band in America due to their name and I guess the 'Snowflakes' over there would rather play political games than listen to some great music.

I visited Texas in 2000 and I went into a store that sold western gear. There were two old ladies sitting up the back of the store knitting. There was a great deal of Confederate Memorabilia adorning the walls and of course the Confederate Flag.

I had to raise the question about the American Civil War and the slaughter of some 600 thousand Americans. I brought up the slavery aspect and the reply from one of the old ladies was swift, "it had nothing to do with the blacks, it was all about the North taking the trade and riches from the South. After the war, the 'Carperbaggers' moved in and stole the land and properties - Dammed Yankees."

I guess old wounds still fester?