My Replica Revolver (CO2 .177 Air Pellet)
The Colt Peacemaker is the ideal air weapon for plinking and target practice. It is possible to use the weapon to kill close up vermin but a .22 air rifle is best used to ensure an accurate and clean kill. The holster is important as it is the only safe way to carry the gun. I can fire the gun on my own land within a specified safe distance of people and public walkways, which in my case is not a problem.

The two videos that sold me on the Umarex CO2 .177 Pellet Colt Single Action Army Replica Revolver was this one that demonstrated an authentic 1887
Colt 'Frontier' Single Action Revolver and a 2015 Colt Single Action Revolver -

AND - A video review of the Umarex Colt 5.5" CO2 .177 Pellet Peacemaker loading and firing performance -

NOTE: I purchased one of the last Umarex Colt 'Blued' Peacemakers with the longer 7.5" barrel - It is now no longer listed on the Umarex Website. My gun is shown in the images further down the page.

Click on gun image to link to a 5.5" Barrel Antique Finish Version with an alternative choice of a 5.5" Barrel Nickel Plated Version with White Grips (select from the box section on the Umarex Website)  -

I purchased the gun from Pellax in England and had it shipped to Livelines Tackle and Guns in Scotland. The weapon cannot be shipped to a private home address. I had to produce a copy of my Scottish Air Weapon Certificate Licence via email to Pellax and present the hardcopy to Livelines to uplift the gun. I could have picked up the gun at Pellax with my Air Weapon Licence but the distance from my home was too prohibitive. As always, if I walk around in the UK with the gun in public view, especially with the revolver in a holster, I may find myself in the chokey, a guest of HM Prisons - unless of course I attend a fully insured gun club range.

When you apply and receive your air weapon certificate licence it is very important that you adhere to any conditions for your use of the weapon. The main condition for my use states "The air weapon shall be used for the shooting of all lawful quarry, and for zeroing and practice on ranges and land, over which the holder has lawful authority to shoot". The Colt Peacemaker air revolver has enough velocity and penetration power, especially at short range, to inflict a serious wound or even cause death to a person, so it is kept in a secure gun cabinet within my alarm protected home to deter theft and it falling into the wrong hands.

The reason I purchased the Peacemaker from Pellax - it was not on their online website but the last one languishing in their storeroom. Apparently it is in very short supply and Livelines in Scotland could not source the weapon in the UK. NOTE: I appear to have the later model than the one shown in the video, the only difference being that an Allen Key for screw/locking the Umarex CO2 cartridge is permanently built into a metal plate situated inside (at the base) of the removal grip. You simply use the grip to insert the Allen key and screw the cartridge home, and then replace the grip.

Umarex CO2 Gas Capsules & Crosman Pellgun Oil
I am a great believer in purchasing gun accessories (if possible) from the same manufacturer of the gun. So fortunately, Umarex supply their own CO2 gas capsules for their Colt Peacemaker.

Purchasing the capsules in large numbers is probably the most cost effect way if you intend to regularly fire your Peacemaker and I have to admit, I enjoy firing my gun almost as much as riding my sports motorcycle.

My first purchase was 20 capsules but in the future, I will opt for 50 units which can be purchased from most on-line gun suppliers. Online you can use JS Ramsbottom to order and they ensure a swift delivery. Locally, I use Livelines Tackle and Guns in Scotland.

.177 - 5.6 grain alloy conical pointed head pellets, you can expect to achieve maximum accuracy and velocity with optimum penetration for up to 80 rounds from a Umarex CO2 Gas Capsule. Heavier pellets, especially lead pellets, will reduce the ratio.

Before fitting a new Umarex CO2 Gas Capsule in the butt of my gun, I hold the gun upside down and drip a small amount of Crosman Pellgun Oil on the gun's CO2 entrance nozzle. I then insert the capsule (gun still upside down) into the butt before I screw it home. The oil helps keep the air seals of the gun from drying out. For full maintenance of the Peacemaker, check out the section below on Walther CO2 Cleaning Capsules & Barrel Cleaning Pellets.

WARNING: After using the gun, never leave the CO2 gas capsule in the gun. Remove it and before putting the gun away, pop a small drop of Crosman Pellgun Oil onto the gun's air seal in the butt. This facilitates the seal to be kept in good shape.

The Types of .177 Pellets
I have tried two types of .177 pellets with the Umarex Peacemaker and both are very accurate BUT they display different penetration capabilities -

The RWS HYPERMAX is a lead-free ultralight high-velocity pellet with very good precision and performance for field target competitions and hunting. It achieves an up to 30 % higher velocity than standard products in the same calibre. Together with its conical head shape, this guarantees an excellent penetration power. Its brilliant high-speed finish is especially environmentally friendly. It is suitable for airguns and air pistols - RA2318161 - .177 - 5.6 grain.

The RWS HYPERDOME is a very light pellet with a bulldog head shape and excellent penetration power. Due to its low weight, it is faster than comparable standard products of the respective calibre. It has a technically highly developed tin alloy and a brilliant high-speed finish. This new development from RWS is completely lead-free, and as a result environmentally friendly and protects the barrel. The RWS HYPERDOME is highly accurate and achieves very dense shot groups. For this reason, it is perfectly suitable for field target and silhouette shooting. Also usable for hunting - RA2318162 - .177 - 5.6 grain.

I found the RWS HYPERMAX offers the best overall accuracy and much greater penetration power, especially as the CO2 capsule's gas begins to lose its power - usually at around 80-90 shots.

Accuracy is greatly reduced if you fail to keep the rifled barrel of your gun clean and the working mechanism well oiled. The Umarex Colt Peacemaker is just like any other weapon and must be maintained. I have included a Cleaning Section below on how to clean and oil the gun.

RWS HYPERMAX and HYPERDOME .177 pellets can be purchased online from
JS Ramsbottom.

Firing the Umarex 1872 Colt Single Action Army 'Peacemaker' Revolver
The Umarex 7.5" barrel revolver is a beautiful piece of craftsmanship and a joy to load with Umarex shells. I wear a gun belt and holster with 30 x loops in the belt to hold the Umarex shells, which are preloaded with .177 pellets. The gun belt makes it very easy to fire off 30 x pellets before I have to reload all the shells. The ones I have fired, go into a back pocket of my jeans which easily stores them all.

The video from Andy (above) provides a great overview relative to preparing the gun for firing.

The sights are fixed, so one has to make accuracy and velocity allowances for -

  • Umarex CO2 capsule power (dissipates at around 80-90 shots - using RWS Hypermax 5.6 grain .177 pellets)

  • Weight of the .177 pellets being fired

  • Range to the target

  • Any wind interference

When inserting a new Umarex CO2 Capsule in the gun, make sure that you do not overtighten the hex screw in the butt as this could exert too much pressure on the CO2 capsule and damage the CO2 seal inside the gun. Also place a small drop of Crosman Pellgun Oil on the top of the Umarex CO2 capsule, before you fit it to the gun.

With a brand new Umarex CO2 capsule inserted in the butt and using
RWS HYPERMAX .177 Pellets, I fired off 80 rounds at 8.7 yards (8 metres) at various tins cans. The rounds penetrated right though both sides of the empty tin cans which where the strong metal type (not a coke can).

As I continued to fire the Peacemaker, the power became progressively weaker and at around 90 rounds, the .177 pellets penetrated only one side of the cans, but surprisingly sometimes right through and sometimes only dented the cans. At around 110 rounds, the power was gone from the CO2 capsule and I could not hit the target. A more serious issue was that the odd round would misfire and remain partially stuck down the shell in the chamber (requiring a new CO2 capsule to clear it).

So at around 100-110
shots, the likely hood of a pellet remaining in its Umarex shell is very high. Ideally, it would appear that for accuracy and velocity, a new CO2 capsule should be inserted in the gun at around 80-90 shots. When you remove an old CO2 capsule, you will hear the gas hiss as you unscrew it.

My Umarex 1872 Colt Peacemaker has the original 7.5" Army barrel design so there is a fair bit of weight forward of the grip for a single hand held shot. The gun is very accurate but even the slightest waver of the long barrel will send the shot wide and even more so when you shoot at 8 metres or an even greater range. Of course if you were firing at a human sized target at 8 metres, you are guaranteed to hit it somewhere. Using two hands, steadies the gun for a neater grouping of your shots but if you shoot one handed, it is a very quick up to the gun site on the target and fire before the barrel weight creates a waver. Take into account, I am over 70 years old, so a younger guy might not have any problems with a single hand held shot.

The Umarex Colt when hand held, even with both hands, is only likely (on average) to achieve a 2" diameter grouping of shots at 10 Metres (10.94 yards, 32.9 feet) using
RWS HYPERMAX .177 Pointed Alloy pellets. Place the Colt on a support at 10 metres to the target and you will get the grouping down to a 1" diameter in the centre area. The guns sights are preset for a set distance which I think is approximately 10 metres - if you are any nearer to the target, the gun fires the pellet high when aimed at the centre. The Colt proves its worth for accuracy and pellet velocity with excellent penetration. The handling, especially the loading and re-loading along with the cocking of the hammer, is great fun.

WARNING: After using the gun, never leave the CO2 gas capsule in the gun. Remove it and before putting the gun away, pop a small drop of
Crosman Pellgun Oil onto the gun's air seal in the butt. This facilitates the seal to be kept in good shape.

Cleaning and Oiling the Peacemaker (480 Shots Fired)
Having made enquiries with Umarex and Walther, I have designed a methodology for cleaning the gun. My main cleaning tools are Walther CO2 Cleaning Capsules which contain special oil for firing through the gun,
Crosman Pellgun Oil  and VFG Fibre Cleaning Pellets. The Walther Cleaning Capsules are recommended by Umarex.

Gun  Accuracy After Cleaning
I have found that once my gun barrel is cleaned, I have to fire about 20 x RWS Hyperdome 5.6gr alloy pellets before the gun's accuracy is fully restored.

Lubricating the Inner Seals & Umarex Shell Seals
The main CO2 seal of the gun inside the butt is lubricated with a drip of Crosman Pellgun Oil every time I fit a new Umarex CO2 capsule but there are other seals inside the mechanism that require to be addressed. To do this I use a Walther 'Oil Filled' CO2 Maintenance Capsule as recommended by Umarex. There is a seal on each of my Umarex shells, so I want to lubicate them as well.

I make sure that all my 30 x Umarex Shells are empty of pellets.
I then insert the 'Walther CO2 Cleaning Capsule' in the butt of the gun and load the gun with the first 6 x Umarex empty shells. I hold the Peacemaker upside down (outside) with the barrel slightly pointing down. After a few seconds, I proceed to fire the gun and after each 6 rounds are fired, I remove them and insert the next 6 shells, and so on, until all 30 Umarex shells have been fired through. I keep changing the shells in order until the Walther CO2 Cleaning gas is exhausted. I then clean off any excess oil of the exterior body of the gun.

I had a hard time finding the Walther OIL Cleaning Capsules but eventually I traced them to Solware which is an online supplier and the delivery (1 day) was spot on.

Barrel & Umarex Shells Cleaning
Due to the loading mechanism of the Peacemaker, where the barrel at the cylinder has an inner moving mechanism, the Peacemaker must not be cleaned using an abrasive rod or by stuffing oiled lint up the barrel with a cleaning rod.

A .177 pellet travels down a Umarex shell before it enters the gun barrel, so each shell must also be cleaned with oil and a dry fibre pellet. I use 30 Umarex Shells from my gun belt during each shooting session, therefore, with normal use, I have 30 Umarex shells to clean as well as the barrel.

I clean the barrel by
loading the gun with 6 x Umarex shells, each with VFG fibre pellets. I load the pellets from the exit end of the shells and push them up the shells using a plastic rod, to just below the shell sealing ring- this is to avoid any particles of fibre becoming lodged in the sealing ring. The first 2 fibre pellets are lightly covered in Crosman Pellgun oil and the other 4 are left dry. I then fire the gun in the normal way, first the 2 oiled fibre pellets and then the 4 dry ones  into a collection bin and inspect the VFG fibre pellets for signs of cleaning.

My remaining 24 x Umarex shells have already been lubricated by the firing of the Walther CO2 Oil Capsule through them so rather than repeat the oil removing firing process for my remaining 24 x Umarex shells, I insert VFG dry pellets from their front, as above but instead of firing them, I move them up and down the shells a couple of times using my plastic rod, being careful to avoid the fibre of each pellet reaching the shell sealing ring. Finally, pushing the dry fibre pellet out of the exit end of each shell.

I was unable to trace Walther Cleaning Pellets but JS Ramsbottom and Solware supply the VFG Brand.

Cleaning and Oiling the Gun Mechanicals
The Peacemaker is an all metal gun and has several metal moving parts that require a few drops of Crosman's Pellgun Oil.
I remove the CO2 capsule as well as any Umarex shells before cleaning and oiling the gun as follows -

  • The Hex Screw in base of butt (used for tightening up the CO2 capsule)

  • Trigger hole (gun held upside down)

  • Safety catch (gun held upside down)

  • Hammer section (all moving parts)

  • Cylinder rear gear spindle and front spindle (open cylinder loading flap)

  • Cylinder front top inner barrel (moves in and out of barrel to seal a cylinder chamber)

  • Cylinder chambers (open cylinder loading flap, slight oil smearing around chambers using a cotton bud)

  • Cartridge ejector spring and spine

After oiling, I move all the parts several times to disperse the oil evenly. I do not fire the gun (CO2 capsule still removed) I pull the hammer right back, hold the hammer, press the trigger and slowly release hammer head back to the strike plate in the body - I repeat several times and it also revolves the cylinder. When oiling the cylinder parts and the cartridge ejector, I tilt the gun forward and back several times when moving the parts to disperse the oil properly.

Gun Storage
For long-term storing of the gun, I will clean and oil it as above and will store it with a drip of Crosman Pellgun Oil on its CO2 entrance nozzle in the butt, there is no Umarex CO2 gas capsule fitted and the 30 x Umarex shells are empty in the gun belt with a small drip of Pellgun Oil on their seals.

I have put in links to the suppliers of these targets - please click on an image to open up the link. My Umarex Colt Single Action Army 7.5" Long Barrel CO2 .177 Air Revolver is fairly accurate but it might prove a bit of a stretch in hitting the dead centre of those Remington 'Knock Down' figures or similar targets.

I have started collecting tin cans from the dog food that I feed to my foxes which make for great targets standing on a fence. I also like the metal container (pellet collector) that holds paper targets. It can be easily fixed or hung on a nail to a fence post.

A neat solution is the metal gong, which resonates when a bullet hits it and could prove ideal for a fast draw as it comes in all sizes -

Eventually, I will probably bow to the pressure of the 'fast draw' and get myself a Umarex Colt Single Action Army 5.5" Nickel Short Barrel CO2 .177 Air Revolver and the mandatory low slung holster for my right hip. The fast draw could potentially hit tin cans but a better target might be the exploding Splatterburst figure?

My Holster for Colt SAA 7.5" Peacemaker
I found a great leather maker, 'John Beattie' at Pistol Leather UK in England that makes such items. I laid out my specifications, size, style, colour and sent him an email for confirmation and a bank transfer for the 'payment in advance' which was very reasonable. I wanted a 'right cross draw' holster from the left side of my waist that reflected one from the 'Old Dodge City' era in plain 'aged' leather with 30 belt loops for my Umarex Peacemaker Shells. John ships out every Thursday, so I received my holster within one and a half weeks of the order - awesome!

Check out my holster and belt rig in Image 1 - it is fully adjustable for fitting thanks to the many belt holes and further adjustable by shortening the entire belt by moving it's leather thongs further back - these hold the two pieces of the belt together.

I specified a retaining leather loop on the holster for fitting around the gun's hammer, which you can see in Image 2 below and the loop's leather thongs (hanging down behind the holster) allow for adjustment. My holster is fitted with a substantial leather loop for fitting to the belt, see Image 3 - its broad and very well stitched to the back of the holster and will stand heavy use.

Overall the fit, the re-enforced stitching and the quality of the rig is second to none.

Please click on the images of my holster to open them up to a 1650 pixel larger size -

Revolvers Worth Consideration
It does not have a rifled barrel but the Action Sports Games (ASG) Smith & Wesson Schofield Model 3 CO2 .177 Pellet Revolver is a beautiful gun with great loading and firing action as well as being very accurate -

Ideal for a gambler sitting in a saloon with the Umarex Colt Single Action 5.5" Nickel Plated Peacemaker CO2 .177 Pellet Revolver fitted snugly in a richly engraved holster. Its neat 5.5" barrel ideal for the quick draw from the right hip or a right cross draw, like Doc Holiday from the left side of the waist. Now where are those 'Wild West' re-enactment shows?

The Umarex Colt Single Action 5.5" Antique Finish Peacemaker CO2 .177 Pellet Revolver fitted snugly in a period 'aged leather' low slung holster is perfect for the gunslinger. Its neat 5.5" barrel is ideal for the quick draw from the right hip.

The Pietta 1851 Navy Colt Percussion 'Blank Firing' Deluxe Brass Engraved Revolver is a perfect addition for any revolver collection. Its a beautiful gun and the engraving is awesome (more images on the link). It would look great on a wall and because its a blank firer - on the odd occasion, it could be taken down and fired -

UK Supplier link for the blank .380 9mm Blank Cartridges for the gun.


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