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My Photographic Equipment!

This article is relative to the photographic equipment that I use for my photography and a list of equipment that I am following up on in reviews.

The core brand that I started with and continue to use today is Canon. I was very fortunate back in 2006 because I chose the Canon 5D DSLR as my camera along with some Canon L lenses.

Today, I have diversified somewhat with Nikon, Panasonic, Sony and now Fujifilm but it is Canon that I continue to use for my 35mm 'Full Frame' digital camera system.


 NEW Equipment 

I remain somewhat disappointed with the new Canon RF 'mirrorless' cameras as my existing Canon EF L lenses when fitted with an adaptor to the RF mount make the EF lenses even larger. Canon have moved on to this new platform and expect me to purchase RF lenses - some of them are just as large or even larger than my EF L lenses - it defeats the purpose of a compact 'mirrorless' camera system.

I have decided that if my Canon 5D DSLR camera fails, I will sell off all my Canon EF L lenses and call it a day with Canon. For my niche subject, which is street photography, I will continue to use my
Fujifilm X100s compact camera with its fixed '35mm field of view' lens.

One of these days, a camera manufacturer will produce a proper lightweight compact 35mm 'full frame' camera system with lightweight and compact auto focus lenses that don't cost an arm and a leg. Ditch all the complex technology, think about a Canon AE-1 or a Nikon FM3a camera body style with a digital sensor instead of film, an excellent electronic viewfinder, through the lens exposure metering, a manual shutter cocking lever, small manual/auto focus lenses and ditch the back LCD screen - I will be first in the queue.


 35mm 'Full Frame' Sensor - Current Digital Equipment

  • Canon 5D MK I DSLR Camera

  • Canon EF 24mm f1.4 L USM Lens

  • Canon EF 50mm f1.4 USM Prime Lens

  • Canon EF 100mm f2 USM Prime Lens

  • Canon EF 100mm f2.8 USM Macro Prime Lens

  • Canon EF 24-105mm f4 IS L Zoom Lens

  • Canon EF 70-200mm f2.8 IS L Zoom Lens

  • Canon EF 300mm f2.8 IS L Prime Lens


 35mm 'Full Frame' - Current Film Equipment

  • Zenit-E SLR Camera + Helios 44-2 58mm f2 Prime Lens

  • Nikon FM3a SLR Camera

  • Nikon 28mm f2.8 AI Lens

  • Nikon 50mm f1.4 AI-s Lens

  • Nikon 135mm f2.8 AI-s Lens


 APS-C Sensor - Current Digital Equipment

  • Canon 450D DSLR Camera (Used with Canon EF Lenses)

  • Sony Alpha A57 SLT Camera (Used with A Mount Lenses)

  • Sony DT 30mm f1.8 SAM Prime Lens (A Mount Lens)

  • Sony DT 18-55mm f3.5/f5.6 SAM Zoom Lens (A Mount Lens)

  • Tamron SP 70-300mm f4/f5.6 Di USD Zoom Lens (A Mount Lens)

  • Fujifilm X100s Compact Camera (Fixed 23mm Lens - 35mm Field of View)


 Micro 4/3rds Sensor - Current Digital Equipment

  • Panasonic GF1 Micro 4/3rds Digital Compact System Camera

  • Panasonic G6 Micro 4/3rds Digital Compact System Camera

  • Panasonic Lumix 20mm f1.7 ASPH Prime Lens

  • Panasonic Lumix 14-45mm f3.5-f5.6 OIS Zoom Lens

  • Panasonic Lumix 100-300mm f4-f5.6 OIS Zoom Lens



 Current Tripods + Monopod + Remote Shutter Activator + Lee Pro Filters

Along with my camera and lenses, I use -

  1. Manfrotto 055MF3 Tripod/Manfrotto 468MGRC2 Ball Head for landscape + wildlife photography

  2. Gitso GM5542 Monopod with a Wimberley Slide Head for sport + wildlife photography

  3. Manfrotto 055PROB Tripod/Manfrotto 804RC2 3 Way Head for portrait photography

  4. For landscapes I use the Lee Pro Filters + Lens Bracket Mount + Lee Universal Hood

  5. For low light/night 'long exposure' shots, I use a Canon TC-80N3 Remote/Timer Shutter Activator.

  6. For casual hill walking, I use a Trek Pod monopod/tripod walking stick.


With a girlfriend in Egypt 2008


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Richard Lawrence
United Kingdom


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