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   Landscape Photography!



Landscape Photography – I fully understand the ‘buzz’ that Joe Cornish gets from that early morning rise, the subsequent hike with the camera gear and the feeling of achievement when the planned shot is taken!

The favourite part of my hobby is still to project plan the location, the subject and to use a
carbon fibre Manfrotto 055MF3 tripod with a 468MGRC2 ballhead, Canon 5D MK1 DSLR camera, good quality Canon L lenses, shutter release cable and Lee filters. Sometimes, I take along my Canon 450D DSLR which is also very capable. 

Because the shoot is planned, I am not trudging about all day seeking material so the overall 'backpack' weight of the ‘gear’ plus sandwiches and a flask of coffee is not that bad.  Making the trip is becoming harder as I get older, making excuses not to go are on the increase but it is still worth it.

I go on these shoots with my ‘old mucker’ Brad who is great company but he sometimes gets his
eye on a passing female and wanders off to chat her up................he's a right poser!

The definition of a Landscape is open to interpretation on many levels but the modern general meaning ‘is an area of the earth’s surface’ which can be seen by an observer.

These days, for whatever reason, I always seem to have animals in my landscape images and I guess it started out back in 2006 with one of my ‘first ever’ landscape shots which just happened to have a whole herd of cows in the scene at the ‘Black Mill’ on the Westwood at Beverley, York.

Landscape photography can be extremely satisfying, especially when you check your images and discover a ‘gem’. Its an area of my photography that requires no distraction but Brad will be coming along as usual to help me open up my backpack for his share of the sandwiches.





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Richard Lawrence
United Kingdom


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