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   Jessops Photograph Books!


 Last Updated  - 24th February 2014


24th February 2014

CEWE Photograph Books!

CEWE photo books are the ideal way to present your prints.

I have always maintained that digital images are best printed out for display on a wall and/or in a photo book. You can download software from CEWE and design your own photobook.

A photo book on the coffee table containing all those early pictures of 'Gran' from when she was a child works very well with that 'singular' framed print on the wall of 'Gran'
in her nineties. You can digitise (using a scanner) those film negatives from yesteryear or digitise an old print (using a scanner or digital camera) and get a CREWE recommended supplier in the UK to print the jpegs into your book design.

Mixing the old scanned negatives with the new jpegs from a modern digital camera is a lot of fun and the family enjoy picking up the photo book to discuss those precious moments BUT most important of all the photo book if stored correctly is more likely to get passed down through the family to future generations.

From the Internet -
"Here at CEWE PHOTOBOOK we are dedicated to presenting our customers with the highest quality photo books so you can store your personal photographs and precious memories in a stylish and attractive photo book that you will treasure forever.

We can provide you with a professionally finished photo book in a wide range of sizes, making them the perfect for a gift to yourself or for a loved one. Our service is incredibly easy to use. Simply download and install our free creation software and start creating your book. You can design the book yourself using text alongside your images and choosing from hundreds of different templates contained in the software. Or you can let our ‘Award Winning Assistant’ do most of the work for you and then add your own finishing touches once the book has been created. We will then deliver your professionally printed book in just a few days.

The high quality of our exceptional photo books have led to our partnership with some of the UK’s biggest retailers, including Boots, WH Smith, Argos, I Want One Of Those, PhotoWorld, Superdrug, and more. We have also won numerous awards for our selection of photo books".





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United Kingdom


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