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The British Empire and its Social Implosion

The age of pioneers and new discoveries has now been limited to undersea exploration, with an eye on outer space and the vastness of the universe.

From the ancient seas, the human race has crawled to stand upright and with each passing century it has evolved to become more intelligent. From caves to fabulous mansions, from stone axes to nuclear weapons of mass destruction, it marches on.

Over thousands of years, the earth has witnessed Empire after Empire, rise and fall, one after another; almost as if pre-ordained or as some form of intelligence test? The conspiracy theorists might claim, we are controlled by aliens who gave the human race time to grow and develop the required intelligence to cease all wars and to take the next step, the next leap?

However, my book is not about alien control, it is about the social implosion that has occurred within Britain as a result of the fall of its empire in 1997. It also begs the question, are we now witnessing the 'End of Empires' and the rise of 'Superpowers' in a shrinking world, a world which faces extinction due to a clash of Superpowers.  

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The Royal Navy of the British Empire

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This is an image of 'The Vatican' in Rome which is the seat of the Catholic Religion. It was a fantastic romantic holiday and the Italian people were gracious and kind.

This image was captured in Istanbul which was founded and first named Constantinople in AD 330 by the Roman Emperor, Constantine I. The city was renamed after it was captured by the Ottoman Empire, in 1453. It is an image of the Ayasofa Church which is now a mosque. Istanbul is a city which deserves to be on your holiday or travel list and the Turkish people display great kindness to visitors.