I have taken delivery of my 2018 Triumph Speed Triple RS and I added a few extras which you can view in some of the images below -

  • Triumph Alarm System

  • Triumph Up/Down Quickshifter (Still to be delivered & installed in July)

  • Triumph Front Fork Protectors

  • Triumph Rear Seat Grab Handles

  • Triumph Smoke Tinted Fly Screen

  • Scottoiler for Automatic Oiling of the Chain

  • R&G Aero Sliders

  • Optimate 4 Battery Charger

  • Oxford Boss 16mm Alarm Padlock for the Front Disc

  • Rear Wheel Paddock Stand

The Triumph Dealer, Two Wheels in Edinburgh, who supplied the motorcycle, did a great job in concealing the Scottoiler behind the left side of the frame next to the rear suspension adjustment controls. There are two positions for the R&G Aero Sliders, one is behind the radiator but I opted for a more central position on the bike, near to the seat. NOTE: If ordering the R&G sliders, beware that there are two kits, one for the front and one for the centre position - they have different spacers.

I also ordered an Oxford 16mm Alarm Disc Padlock for locking the front wheel. It is a large device but I carry it in a waterproof textile pouch (a Lowepro Slip Lock Pouch) attached to the left side of the frame, just in front of my leg. The Oxford Padlock just fits the caliper disc by a small margin (must be fitted into the narrowest part of the caliper).






Alarm System - Issues
As a condition of my insurance, I have to set the Triumph Alarm when the motorcycle is left unattended and even in my locked garage. I don't know how long the battery will hold charge with the alarm set but in any case, the bike will be in storage over the winter period and I also use another motorcycle, so the Triumph will be sitting with the alarm draining the battery.

Hence the requirement for an Optimate 4 to trickle charge the battery when the Triumph is in the garage. This video is a good example of how to fit the Optimate Flying Lead to the battery - NOTE: The new Optimate 4 Flying Lead, has a different (more waterproofed) plug connector -

The Alarm System is a Thatcham Category 1 approved - so when you switch off the engine and shut down the ignition, the alarm will automatically set within a few seconds. Not the full alarm but the immobiliser. However, if you enter the garage, switch off the alarm and you are in the process of moving the motorcycle outside (engine has not been switched on) the full alarm system will reset and then activate, due to the movement of the bike - great security but a bit of a bummer. I now start the engine and then switch it off before moving the motorcycle outside - during the process, the immobiliser sets but not the full alarm - then when I am ready to start the bike, I have to use the alarm key fob to switch the immobiliser off.

Normal setting of the alarm is easy - switch off engine and ignition and within a few seconds press the grey button on the alarm fob and the indicators flash twice. To unset, press the grey button on the alarm fob and the indicators flash once - must start engine within a few seconds or the alarm will automatically set the immobiliser.

Running In
I have been out and about on the motorcycle and running up the mileage for its 500 mile service and then it will be onto 1,000 miles before I can finally open her up.

To be continued -




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