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A Young Man in the 21st Century

This book is in three parts –

  • Professor Rodger Lockhart

  • The Life of Johnny Lockhart

  • Thesis: A Young Man in the 21st Century.

After seeking the advice from his grandfather, Professor Rodger Lockhart, young Johnny sets out to put his advice to good use. What follows is a brief account of the life of Johnny Lockhart, a young man growing up in the early part of the 21st Century.

Professor Lockhart was a philosopher and although he lived the best part of his life in the 20th Century, by the early part of the 21st Century, he had already formulated his thesis on the way western society was changing and the future pitfalls that faced a young man in his teens.

At the request of his grandson, Professor Lockhart seeks to impart what he has observed and what he has learned through his own mistakes in life to his grandson. The advice is given along with a copy of the thesis.

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Photography is a hobby that gets you out and about and is a great way to interact with wildlife and people.

These little guys above reside at Edinburgh Zoo.

Knockhill Race Track in Scotland is a great day out and an excellent opportunity for some sports photography.