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These are images of the Queensferry area of Scotland, which nestles on the Forth Estuary under the shadows of the Forth Road Bridge and the Forth Railway Bridge. The rail bridge was built in 1890 and is currently undergoing a major refit. Both these bridges provide the vital rail and road links between the southern area of Scotland to the north and the highlands.

Queensferry is broken into two distinct areas, South Queensferry and North Queensferry which right up until the early 1960s were linked by the rail bridge and a car ferry.

In 1964 the road bridge was finally built and it straddles the forth from Port Edgar, on the South Queensferry side - the Royal Naval Base which once provided docking and repair facilities for our naval fleet. Today Edgar remains; secure in certain areas for naval stores but most of it is now a marina and dry dock for power boats and yachts.

This album will be expanded and added to on a monthly basis to take in all the scenery of Queensferry and its outlying areas.

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 Queensferry - Scotland