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Hermiston Grange - Scotland

Hermiston Grange is an old farm steading based in the old village of Hermiston, a designated conservation area, in Edinburgh, Scotland. Hermiston Village was first recorded around 1214 and was part of the old Riccarton Estate. I have also included images of Hermiston House, the Union Canal and the Falkirk Wheel.

Hermiston House which is situated next door in its own beautiful grounds is listed in charters back to the time of Robert I, and from 1696 it was the Dower House for the Riccarton Estate.

The original Mill burn was extended in 1888 to become part of the Union Canal which runs alongside both properties.

Hermiston Grange contains a wide variety of wildlife, flora and some splendid trees. Originally it was a dairy farm with large Clydesdale horses and a cart you can see the old coach house where the cart and horses were stored in this album. There was a large granary on the grounds and open fields running down to the canal.

Today all that remains is the bungalow surrounded by a large garden and the fields with large sycamore trees. All the rest of the farm buildings are being converted into cottages and flats. The grounds of Hermiston Grange with the Union Canal at its feet, is the back drop for some very diverse wildlife and flora.

The photo web has been designed using Adobe Lightroom and contains images of:-

  1. Hermiston Grange

  2. The Union Canal

  3. Hermiston House

  4. The Falkirk Wheel

'Currant Blossom - Hermiston Grange'