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Shadows of my Mind

At a young age, my mother told me that I had an over imaginative mind. I guess she was right, I have fought many a war in my dreams and in the morning, on wakening up, found myself exhausted.

I often slip dream, wake up, and then fall back into the same dream. I very often dream and yet I know I am in a dream and fight to avoid waking up. I am not alone, its called Lucid Dreaming.

This book is about those shadows in the back of my mind. Those childhood memories and vignettes of my imagination that often pop up out of nowhere which often bring a smile to my face. I firmly believe that those bright happy memories should be embraced alongside those bitter sweet memories.

Each day, something I see or read, acts as a catalyst and I write down my thoughts on the subject. Very often, my imagination runs riot and a vignette pops up. Sometimes it is too dark but very often, it is bright enough to make it into this book.

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If you suffer from loneliness, street photography is a hobby that gets you out and about and is a great way to interact with wildlife and people.

The little guy above was not photographed in Africa, he resides at Edinburgh Zoo.

This image was captured in Istanbul which was founded and first named Constantinople in AD 330 by the Roman Emperor, Constantine I. The city was renamed after it was captured by the Ottoman Empire, in 1453.