The Zero SR/F is probably the way of the future for motorcycles and an electric 'street bike' which has next to 'no maintenance' combined with massive torque and performance would appear, at first glance, to be very desirable.

However, I remain somewhat skeptical, as every gadget that I have owned, that runs on batteries, invariably experiences a 'charge holding' drop off. My Lenovo laptop when purchased had a battery life (before re-charging) of 6 hours and now after 18 months, it is down to 3.5 hours per charge. Perhaps the maintenance return for the Zero Dealers can be found in replacing the battery as the miles per charge, drop off?

Couple that with mysterious fires that engulf electric battery vehicles, for no apparent reason, and my gut reaction is to tell myself to wait until there is no other alternative (government legislation) which for me at 70 years old, will not pose a problem as I will be done with motorcycles by then.

In any case, I would miss the smell of the petrol and oil, the roar of the exhaust, the gear shifts and a quick shifter which all add to the sheer enjoyment of riding a motorcycle.
The Zero SR/F with its twist the throttle and go, would be like riding a very fast scooter - not cool.

However, for an electric motorcycle, the Zero SR/F has cool looks -

My local Dealership for Zero - Saltire Motorcycles in Edinburgh, Scotland.

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Richard Lawrence
United Kingdom


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