The new Triumphs for all their modern technology still manage to look cool and for me the Thruxton and Thruxton R 'cafe racers' are the main attraction -

The brand new Triumph Thruxton R (shown below) would do it for me and a dream trip down to the ACE Cafe would complete the experience -


Thoughts (24th July 2016)

I reckon that Triumph have finally cracked it with the new Thruxton, especially the R version. The 1200cc 'High Power' engine with it's 112Nm torque at 4,950rpm should make all the difference and finally give the motorcycle that all important performance which is ideal for urban, cruising and out and out acceleration with sports handling when required.

Triumph over the years have introduced many 'Classic Motorcycles' but I reckon the new Thruxton R may be the icing on the cake for many riders. The overall styling of the R and the technical specifications that have been released 'appear' awesome.

The Triumph Thruxton has all the bells and whistles, including traction control and ABS brakes so anyone (not me) who likes to do the ton, now has all the safety features to assist controlling the power to the rear wheel in the wet and to pull you up in an emergency.

The Triumph Thruxton R should make a great long-term investment and not only a great bike to ride but also a great bike to sit gleaming in your garage - point of fact, it may be the only motorcycle you require?

The Triumph Thruxton R is a motorcycle that has that 'British Heritage' and exudes class from the days of the 1950/60s and the cafe racers.




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