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   The Brough Superior S.S.100 Motorcycle!


 Last Updated  - 1st January 2015


1st January 2015

A Bike for Lawrence of Arabia!

T. E. Lawrence is one of my heroes and I first became aware of him, not in the history class, but when I watched (back in 1962) the awesome film Lawrence of Arabia - directed by David Lean.

Lawrence was killed in 1935 riding a Brough Superior (George VII Variant) SS100 1000cc when he swerved to avoid two boys on the roadway. His career was a historic one, filled with excitement and danger, especially in Arabia and he died as he lived, heroic to the end.

The 1939-1945 World War witnessed the end of Brough Superior motorcycle manufacturing but now the name and the motorcycle have been resurrected and there is even a Brough Superior Website which is worth a visit. Of course their new bike technology has come a long way from those halcyon days, back in the 1930s.

I would love to own the new Brough Superior S.S.100 which is due for release in 2015 and the picture of the bike is awesome but it is expected to cost around 50,000 Euros.

The Brough Superior S.S.100 Book is well worth a read and as well as a catalogue on the new S.S.100, it also includes great historical facts.





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Richard Lawrence
United Kingdom


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