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The S 1000 RR revolutionised the super sports class when it first came out in 2009. Now - six years later - it steps up to the very same challenge. The S 1000 RR model year 2015 has been completely revised: BMW Motorrad engineers have entirely reconceived the bike's technology, design and fittings. The result: in its origins a genuine Double R, on the road a new supersports machine.

The RR is the epitome of a superbike - and that applies to its design, too. Now in its third generation, you can instantly see its increased power. The flyline is razor-sharp and extremely clear, the volume of the contours and shapes perfectly balanced. From the rear to the front section, every trim component has been redesigned - including the headlamp element, where the symmetry has been given greater emphasis.

The new S 1000 RR has an output of 199 hp (146 kW) - 6 hp more than its predecessor. But it is not just its higher rated output that makes the Double R faster and more agile. Weighing in at 204 kg incl. ABS and traction control, it is some 4 kilos lighter than the previous version. Furthermore, it has a newly designed exhaust system without front silencer as well as a new engine set-up for increased torque, an improved output curve and many other optimised details.

In addition to major changes to design and performance, it is primarily the technical details which allow the S 1000 RR to take such a quantum leap. The electronic suspension components DDC and DTC have been given a new set-up, as has the entire suspension. This ensures greatly improved traction as well as better feedback to the rider. Optimised propulsion is enabled by such features as the Shift Assistant Pro (shifting up and down without clutch) and the e-gas throttle actuator for more precise and direct control. The rider operates these new features via the newly designed instrument panel which can be adapted to the specific type of use.

In taking the S 1000 RR a step further for model year 2015, absolutely every component was re-assessed. The result is a superbike what will once again set the benchmark in its class - in other words a genuine Double R.


Thoughts (4th June 2016)

From the reviews I have seen and read, the BMW S1000 RR is a favourite choice for using as a track bike
but it can also be (easily) ridden on the street, albeit sticking to the speed limits. The standard model costs 13,850.00 vat inclusive in the UK and the sports version costs 14,910.00 complete with Gear Shift Assistant, Heated Grips, Design Wheels with Red Pinstripe, Dynamic Damping Control, LED Indicators and Colour Coded Pillion Seat Cover.

I have sat on the BMW S1000RR in a showroom and it feels great and the look of the bike is par excellence - I am still waiting on a demonstrator to appear in the Edinburgh area BUT it looks like I might have to travel much further afield, perhaps even down into England to try one out. 

I did some dimension comparisons relative to the BMW S1000 R and the BMW S1000 RR relative to my own Suzuki GSX-1250FA sports/tourer motorcycle -

Motorcycle Weight Wet Length Width Height Wheelbase Seat
Suzuki GSX-1250FA 257Kg 2130mm 790mm 1245mm 1485mm 805mm
BMW S1000 R 207Kg 2057mm 845mm 1228mm 1439mm 814mm
BMW S1000 RR 204Kg 2050mm 826mm 1140mm 1438mm 815mm



I like the SPORT model S1000 RR in the Black Storm/Racing Red colour scheme (see image) with some of the accessories I have listed below -
check out the Brochure

Using the BMW Bike Configurator and the R&G Accessory Page, I have put together a configuration -

Components Price
BMW S1000RR Motorcycle - Sport Model


BMW Black Storm Metallic Racing Red Paint 130.00
BMW Comfort Seat (Replaces Rider Stock Seat) 239.00
BMW Engine (Left and Right) Protectors 216.00
R&G Frame (Crash Slide) Aero Protectors 67.99
R&G Rear (Offset) Twin Cotton Reels (Each Set Fits to Both Sides of Rear Swing Arm) 52.49
R&G Front Fork Protectors 31.00
R&G Bar End Sliders 28.49
Scottoiler (Automatically Oils the Chain) 99.95
TOTAL: 15,774.92


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Richard Lawrence
United Kingdom


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