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Key Features

Anti-lock Brake System (ABS):
A standard feature on the GSX-R1000 ABS, this system enhances braking performance. The system monitors wheel speeds to match stopping power to available traction, helping to prevent wheels from locking up under hard braking or due to changes in road conditions.

MotoGP Technology:
Throttle response and mid-range engine output have been boosted through the use of lighter pistons, lighter tappets and more aggressive valve lift curves. Delivers greater drive and acceleration for faster lap times.

BREMBO Monoblock Radial Mount Calipers:
Top of the line Brembo calipers are lighter and more rigid to provide more powerful and consistent braking performance. Reduced unsprung weight provides even better suspension performance.

Showa Big Piston Forks (BPF):
Quicker reacting with improved damping and more controlled compression under hard braking. Enhanced grip and rider feedback with more controlled weight transfer for a better turn-in. Fully Adjustable Suspension: Allows the rider to tailor the suspension performance to their riding style and the roads and tracks they ride.

Race-proven Slipper Clutch:
Improves rear tyre grip and stability when approaching bends by reducing the pressure on the clutch pack under hard deceleration.

Suzuki Drive Mode Selector:
Three separate performance settings give instant control over the power delivery to suit different sections of the road or track.

3-Step Adjustable Footpegs:
Allows you to ride in the position that suits you best, providing greater comfort, control and reduces fatigue.


I had the great pleasure to take the Suzuki GSX-R1000 motorcycle out for a test ride (19th April 2016) - it was not the 2016 MotoGP colour version with upgraded ABS brakes and the Yoshimura livery but the standard 2015 red/black model.

The seating position on the R1000 was excellent for a super sports bike and the stock seat was very comfortable. I road tested the bike on all kinds of road surfaces and my rear did not feel sore in the slightest. The only discomfort that I endured was some pain between my shoulder blades but my wrists were fine. I admit I was fairly tense riding the R1000 as you cannot completely relax with the thought of that 1,000 insurance excess for accidental damage at the back of your mind.

The excellent handling and braking capability of the Suzuki GSX-R1000 cannot be overstated because even without traction control the tyres (dry road test) stuck like glue. The R1000 was easy to flick around which brought a huge smile to my face but I could see how the bike could encourage you to become too confident.

If you open the throttle, the R1000 exhaust has that gorgeous roar which rises to a crescendo when passing vehicles, especially on country roads. It is not over the top but no matter how fast you go in those higher revs, the exhaust note keeps up with you. When cruising in lower revs in higher gearing, the exhaust note is relatively quiet and certainly does not spoil a gentle cruise through the countryside. The R1000 is delivering it's peak torque of 117Nm at 10,000rpm but it is still able to cruise along in 6th gear at relatively slow speeds. I expected the R1000 to be 'low gear hungry' due to the torque peak but this was not the case and boy the sheer joy when you drop down the gears and open her up.

The controls are well placed as you would expect and the instrument panel and the manual gear shifting was effortless, up and down the box at all speeds and acceleration. I tried out the mode selector with the 3 settings which switches the bike's performance between 600cc, 750cc and 1,000cc with 600cc being more than ideal for riding the motorcycle in wetter conditions as the acceleration response was more subdued. The 1,000cc power is not intimidating in the least and I found the throttle control to be very even and responsive throughout it's range, especially the control it offered when slowly moving away in heavy traffic.

I still have a few super sports motorcycles to test but the new 2016 GSX-R1000 is well worth some serious consideration, especially as discounts are available and there is % 48 month finance available until the end of June 2016.



Richard Lawrence
United Kingdom


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